Mark Carter Does Science!

I can change kids who do not get excited about science into kids who say, "I want to be a scientist!"


My goal is to demonstrate to people of all ages that science is not just a textbook, but it is fun and exciting!  The word science originally meant "knowledge", so science is the knowledge of something. Whether it's weather, physics or playing basketball, the knowledge behind performing it well is science! The big "WOW" you hear when I present at your event happens when I demonstrate there is science in everything we do!  Math, soccer, and video games are bursting with science, and those who learn the science are the ones who will excel!

As a science edutainer I have an enthusiastic passion for science.  I get excited about sharing ideas in a way that makes people want more. After over 20 years of working with kids and adults alike, I have the experience neccessary to get the brain engaged and motivated to be a life long lover of SCIENCE! 

Please take a look around and see what I have to offer. Email me if you have any questions!